Happy Thanksgiving: A Peek At What’s Coming

It’s another show! What?
I told you I was fucking busy! Why don’t you ever believe me?!
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What I Did Last Week

Welcome to Polygrub!

Where I forget to do things like writing! Even though its the one thing I do around here! So, what did I do last week?

Who even knows?! It’s getting near finals week at my school and the amount of work I have to do has been turned up to 12! Papers and projects along with working on my own projects. Either way, whoops.

So, I’m switching to weekly updates with ‘InstaMe’ posts serving as daily updates and endless selfies of me. Who doesn’t like that?!

BYE! ❤

Hardly working

It’s Happening: The End of The Charade

Oh how time flies when you’re doing nothing?!

For the past few weeks, I’ve been sick/a lazy asshole who doesn’t even want to do anything. I’ve sat in my bed and browsed the internet, getting the bare minimum done as far as assignments and work goes. I did basically nothing.

Although I may have been just been binge watching YouTube and Netflix videos, I was thinking: What am I doing?

The answer may surprise you! Tune in at 11!

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Briefly: But Different

I’ve written this coming out story lots of times. It was kind of a haphazardly written story that I didn’t really feel like was ready to be told because I wasn’t done living it. I wanted to get a better set of thoughts down and be in a better state of mind. So, here it is…

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Where am I?

Hello! Welcome to Polygrub! I’ve spent the last few weeks on bed rest with a horrible illness. Now, I’m back! Ready to write? Yup.

So let’s get started…

– Kevin

Random Playlist: Bastion Original Soundtrack

One of the best soundtracks to a game in recent memory, the music behind Bastion is wonderful and I find myself listening to it very often while I’m working. Listen here and enjoy! P.S. Build That Wall is probably my absolute favorite song.