Vine: The Future of Internet Video

Vine Mobile

Image from Mashable

Videos are one of the most prevalent forms of media found on the “inter-webs.” They’re found anywhere from Youtube to Vimeo and Facebook to Twitter. Online video comes in several different shapes and sizes, ranging from full movies to second-long microfilms. Vine, the social video platform, falls to the latter end of that spectrum.

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The Future Life: 3D Printers

3D Printing

Image from

3D Printing is the process of making a three-dimensional object from a virtual model. It is done using an additive process, which involves putting down layers upon layers upon layers until the object is finished. 3D Printing can be used for a variety of applications including, but not limited to, architecture, military, dental and medical industries, biotech (human tissue replacement), fashion, education, and even food. Personal 3D printers have slowly been dipping in price over the past 5 years and although good printers still start at somewhere around a grand, they could see mainstream adoption in the next few years.

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CUPID drone brings the love with 80,000 volts to the chest

CUPID drone

Image from The Verge

The Chaotic Unmanned Personal Intercept Drone, lovingly abbreviated as CUPID, could be the future of private security. The CUPID is a security drone that is being built by Texas firm Chaotic Moon. CUPID was shown off at South by Southwest (SXSW).

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Keeping the beat alive: membrane could keep your heart beating forever

Beating heart membrane

Image from

What you’re looking at above is a beating rabbit’s heart. Looks cool, doesn’t it? The heart is beating thanks to a specialized membrane that was created that keeps the heart pumping even outside the body of its original host.

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Body Cameras and the Police

It’s not anything new for police to have some sort of camera recording their, and others’, actions. Heck, there are countless police dash-cam television shows proving this (if you haven’t seen them, look on TruTV). But, get ready for more priceless police/criminal action with the newest in police technology, the body cam!

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Viewer 2.0: How Wearables will enhance everything

Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 5.39.01 PM

Throughout the past few years, we’ve seen the blooming of the mobile technology market. Smartphones and tablets allowed anyone to connected to anyone else anywhere in the world (internet connection willing). Now, we’re beginning to see a new subset of that market come to the mainstream, the wearables market.

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