Viewer 2.0: How Wearables will enhance everything

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Throughout the past few years, we’ve seen the blooming of the mobile technology market. Smartphones and tablets allowed anyone to connected to anyone else anywhere in the world (internet connection willing). Now, we’re beginning to see a new subset of that market come to the mainstream, the wearables market.

Wearables are meant to let their users glance at information without having to pull their phone, tablet, or even their laptop out. They not only allow operators to glance at incoming info, but they can also do basic tasks such as reply to texts/emails and update social networks. Unlike smartphones, which demand all of your attention to use them at all, wearables only ask for a small nugget of the user’s attention. What makes these devices so amazing is that they are pushing the technology that we’re used to into uncharted territory.

Taking a photo, for instance, is something that almost everyone has done. The problem with taking a photo before the era of wearables was that whatever device you use to take that photo, is in your way. That phone, that tablet, that camera is in front of you; which it has to be to take the photo. Those devices take you out of the moment. You need to stop appreciating the sunset, laughing at your friends, or generally enjoying that thing you’re taking a picture of. You’re pulled out of the moment so that you can enjoy it later. Google Glass-like wearables keep you in that moment and allow you to enjoy it just as if you didn’t have a camera.

This is the magical future that you can expect to live in with wearables. They other us the chance to use our technology without letting it interrupt our lives. Get ready for the future folks, it’s a-coming.


One thought on “Viewer 2.0: How Wearables will enhance everything

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