The Future Life: 3D Printers

3D Printing

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3D Printing is the process of making a three-dimensional object from a virtual model. It is done using an additive process, which involves putting down layers upon layers upon layers until the object is finished. 3D Printing can be used for a variety of applications including, but not limited to, architecture, military, dental and medical industries, biotech (human tissue replacement), fashion, education, and even food. Personal 3D printers have slowly been dipping in price over the past 5 years and although good printers still start at somewhere around a grand, they could see mainstream adoption in the next few years.

As someone highly interested in the future of technology, 3D printers rank very high on my list of things I’m excited to own. 3D Printers have the potential to be change our culture.

Although these printers could potentially create anything from a human organ to a figurines, what may bring them into the mainstream is their ability to print small, seemingly-insignificant items. No longer will you need to run out of your house for those small parts and pieces, with a 3D printer you can easily just buy the design and print as many times as you want. A wallet, shoe insoles, parts for your dishwasher, the possibilities are somewhat endless.

3D Printers could also potentially help feed people. Unlike food creation today, printers could create food that’s personalized to the people eating it. Certain vitamins and minerals could be added to food to create a customized meal. 3D printed meals could mean healthier living for consumers using these printers at home or even businesses/hospitals that use them.

Not only does 3D printing offer a chance for easy consumer creation at home, but these printers also bring the possibility of building homes for people. In Amsterdam, a group of Dutch architects have begun the process of printing an entire house. The project, known as the “3D Print Canal House,” is building a house one room at a time. The house is being put together in pieces with each piece taking about a week to print.

3D printing doesn’t stop with what I’ve talked about here; organs, jewelry, weapons, and much more can easily be created with these printers. Everyday, the technology behind printing things in 3D is getting better. In a matter of years, it’s possible that there could be a 3D printer in every home, waiting for commands to print its owners wildest desires.

I’m just hoping spammers don’t fully get into the future of 3D printing…

The Future?

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