Vine: The Future of Internet Video

Vine Mobile

Image from Mashable

Videos are one of the most prevalent forms of media found on the “inter-webs.” They’re found anywhere from Youtube to Vimeo and Facebook to Twitter. Online video comes in several different shapes and sizes, ranging from full movies to second-long microfilms. Vine, the social video platform, falls to the latter end of that spectrum.

Vine, for those of you that don’t know, is a social video service that creates looping videos with a limit of 6 seconds. Easily consumed and wonderfully small, Vine videos, or vines, offer quite a bit despite their time limitation. Vines can range from six second music covers…

to motivational messages…

to comedy…

and even dynamic art pieces.

Vine is one of those services that gives people the ability to make creative pieces that can immediately be shared. Similar to the photo sharing service Instagram (that also has a similar video service to Vine), Vine allows its users a chance to become “internet famous” by forcing their imagination to be compressed into the timespan of six seconds.

The social video service, for all of its positive influences on the internet community, could also be a glimpse of things to come. It’s common to hear that ever since increase in ¬†popularity of the cellphone and the ability to be always connected to the internet, the attention spans of people has slowly decreased. It was only a matter of time before some like Vine, with its quickly consumable video content, came to the internet.

Is Vine an omen of the oncoming storm of quick tidbits of media, or is it a cause of our ever dwindling attention spa- squirrel!


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