The Future Life: NFC

Image from StarkRFID

Image from Stark RFID

NFC stands for Near Field Communication and it’s a set of standards concerning close-range wireless communication. NFC-equipped devices like smartphones and tablets can exchange info with each other simply and easily.

Most of you have probably seen technology that employs NFC near any cash register. Tap-to-pay credit cards use the technology to quickly pay for purchases and in the case of NFC in smartphones, it’s possible to do the same. NFC allows the exchange of information between two points within 4 inches. This is why NFC is perfect for secure applications like securely paying for things.

Image from GizMag

Image from GizMag

Although NFC is commonly associated with mobile payments, using a virtual credit card to pay for things, but NFC technology can also be used for a variety of things. From unlocking doors and sharing photos to getting ticket/boarding passes and paying your parking meter, it’s very easy to see that this technology can fit into the future life.

Near Field Communication might be one of those technologies that seems like something that is pulled from the future, but the technology is only going to get better as the more mainstream it gets. Don’t be surprised if NFC soon becomes something that is standard in most everything you carry around with you.


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