Google Glass One Day Sale!


Come one, come all! For one day only, Google is allowing anyone (within the United States of America) to purchase Glass. On April 15th, Google is making their biggest push to get Glass in as many hands as possible.

Starting on Tuesday at 9am ET, Google will open their Glass Explorer Program to anyone willing to pay the $1500 price tag. Along with the purchase of Glass, Google will include either a sunglass shade or prescription lenses for free.

This is a big push for Google and its Glass Explorer Program. In 2012, Google allowed an initial 2,000 people to join the program. After that, 8,000 people were slowly let into the program by telling Google what they would do with Glass.

Screen Shot 2014-04-12 at 8.46.50 PM

I’ve talked at length about how Glass is changing how we interact with each other and how it marks the beginning of mainstream wearables. With Google opening up its Explorer Program up for one day only, it will be interesting to see how much more Glass will be brought into the mainstream.

For those interested, go here to buy Glass and join the program on April 15th.

Source: Google+




One thought on “Google Glass One Day Sale!

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