The Digital Workout

For those of us that decided to lose weight for their New Year’s resolution (or for those that just want to get healthy suddenly), this might be the time of the year that we realize that, alongside all this beautiful spring weather, it’s the perfect time to start actually working out. In the past, the act of working out meant a long process with little to no way of tracking what you were doing or how your body was changing. That’s completely different today.

Today, there’s countless ways to use your smartphone, music device, computer, tablet, etc. to help you track your progress and help you get a work out.


As far as smartphone apps go, there’s tons of them. The apps that I’ve used are RunKeeperSworkit, and Lose It!. All these apps have smartphone apps that work on both iOS and Android devices.


I use RunKeeper to track my stats anytime I go running or take walk; Lose It! to track my eating habits and calorie intake; and Sworkit to give me training workouts. On their own, they’re all awesome apps with some overlapping features; together, they create my workout routine.

Along with using smartphone apps, there are online communities to help you along the way.


Not all of us are gym monkeys and need help either getting the motivation to go and workout or to learn new ways of doing things when we do. Along with being the prime suspect in my neverending battle with procrastination, Reddit is a wonderful place for getting help and motivation to workout. I use the subreddit /r/fitness to learn about different ways to work out along and see how much others have done.

Technology can add a wealth of information and motivation to your workout routine. It’s a valuable asset to me in multiple ways and I know I wouldn’t be able to workout as well without it.

Don’t think that just because I didn’t mention a certain app or website on this post that I don’t think it is good. There are countless services that can help someone workout and get fit, but these are the services that work best for me! Different strokes for different folks!


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