KroKro Trailer One

Hey everyone, I threw together a really horrible trailer for the Youtube channel. Don’t let this be any indication as to what the quality of videos, but yeah…here’s the first trailer. There will be another one next week that will have a few announcements in terms of content that you can expect!

Also! The image that I’ve been using is a placeholder. Don’t worry, it’ll all get better.

Anyway, here’s the first trailer for KroKro. Enjoy.

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Suspended animation human trials to begin!

It’s something straight out of science fiction, freezing someone to prolong their life. Soon enough, though, it’ll actually be real. Later this month, surgeons at UPMC Presbyterian Hospital in Pittsburgh will try to suspend human life.

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Introducing the KroKro YouTube Channel!

Well hello!

For weeks now, you’ve only heard the silent words come from your computer screens, but that’s all changing! Soon you will be able to look at my face while I move and things happen!

That’s right! KroKro is moving into the YouTube world! So you’ll be able to barely pay attention to me in a new format now!

I look forward to talking about technology and the future, along with some content that I’m not quite ready to talk about yet (I’M SORRY! JEEZ! IT’LL GET FIGURED OUT SOON ENOUGH!).

So, hopefully, this can become something. Or it won’t. Either way, this is something that I’m really looking forward to doing and I hope you can all come on this journey or whatever…

All the best,

Kevin Krotz


P.S. Also! I expect to launch by June 15th at the latest! There’ll be a post at launch day! 😀


The Surface Pro 3 is certainly something…IT’LL CHANGE SOME THINGS!

Microsoft made a huge announcement the other day. They announced the Surface Pro 3, a major step forward in their tablet line.

The Pro has always been more of a laptop in the body of a tablet, but Microsoft is taking that to a whole new level with the Pro 3. Microsoft seems to have finally made a tablet that will make you want to replace your laptop.

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Daily Me: How I Work!

As a freelance technology writer who is in love with almost too many gadgets, I’d like to give some sort of insight into how I work! This may be a weekly thing. Maybe.

Technology means different things to different people. For many out there, just the word brings about feelings of frustration and anger. But for others, technology can be a way to enhance and extend myself to places I’ve never been before.

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Welcome to the new blog: KroKro

Hey everyone! I said it was going to happen! AND IT DID!

This is the new layout (and name, for those who care) of the blog! Starting today, probably, there’s going to be daily content to go along with this wonderful new theme! Hooray!

But yeah, I hope that everyone enjoys everything!

Best wishes,

Kevin Krotz

State of the Blog: Restructuring and the rest!

What’s happening?

There’s going to be changes in how the posts are done. Along with the somewhat longform tech posts, I will also be posting plain photos with comments and other shorter bits of content. I’d like to start doing video but I don’t know if I’ll have time (it’s on the list regardless).

Also! I will also be posting about general technology and science now, instead of only stuff I think is futuristic.

Certain days are going to get certain posts (e.g. Future Fridays, Moronic Monday).

So yeah, thanks everyone for sticking around. I know there’s like 12 of you, but yeah. You liked my blog, deal with it.



P.S.: Starting tomorrow, daily posts! 😀