Daily Me: How I Work!

As a freelance technology writer who is in love with almost too many gadgets, I’d like to give some sort of insight into how I work! This may be a weekly thing. Maybe.

Technology means different things to different people. For many out there, just the word brings about feelings of frustration and anger. But for others, technology can be a way to enhance and extend myself to places I’ve never been before.

I’m going to talk today about my setup for writing and how I use a variety of gadgets to get through my day…

I, like most others, use an alarm to wake up in the morning. Although I pride myself on my almost god-like internal clock, I still find myself needing the alarm every so often. In those cases, I use my old iPhone.

After 3 years of use, I couldn’t get myself to use my current phone (a Galaxy Nexus) as an alarm. Android phones are nice, but for some reason, every one I’ve owned either has a devilishly quite ringer or I can’t find the right ringtone to wake me from slumber (the latter is an easy fix, but hey, I’m lazy). So the iPhone stays.

Once I wake up, I head to the shower with my iPad, whose speaker is just the right frequency for shower listening without forcing me to purchase a dock speaker.

After hygiene is taken care of, I eat some breakfast while making sure to track what I eat with a slew of apps on my primary phone.

Then the day really begins. I usually try to take a walk before I work, which I track with the Moves app (brilliantly simple tracking app). After my usually short walk, I get into work mode.

Work mode consists of putting on my pair of Sony headphones that have lasted me for years and listening to anything that strikes my fancy in iTunes while browsing the web looking for stories to write about.

I use my 13” Macbook Pro as my main computer these days, but every so often, I pull out my iPad,Cr-48 Chromebook, Kindle Fire, or, only in the most dire of situations, my old Dell Vostro 1000 (that was discontinued 2 days after I purchased it because Dell has realized it was the devil’s spawn and must be sent back to the fiery depths).

If I’m especially sick of the small screen on my Macbook, I sometimes decide to hook up my external 21” Apple Cinema Display that I bought used on eBay oh-so-many years ago.

While working usually holds my attention, I do sometimes need some outside stimulation. That’s when I usually put on a Netflix movie playing off of either my Wii or Xbox (that’s if I remember to pay the bill for my Netflix subscription).

Once I’m done with work, I shut off every single piece of gadgetry and go outside (weather permitting) and disconnect from technology. Living in the woods has its benefits.

While throughout the day I am checking all kinds of social media, I do find myself checking it more often before I go to bed. That and a book usually keep my going until i fall asleep and start over the next day.

As you can tell, I am a very connected person. I have internet access and an abundance of devices that help me with that. For a lot of people, my level of love for technology can border on the obscene; but for me, I feel the opposite. It’s a matter of preference and how comfortable certain people are with technology. Obviously, I feel completely fine with technology.

I hope you liked the inside look into my routine and how technology fits into it! See you tomorrow!


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