The Surface Pro 3 is certainly something…IT’LL CHANGE SOME THINGS!

Microsoft made a huge announcement the other day. They announced the Surface Pro 3, a major step forward in their tablet line.

The Pro has always been more of a laptop in the body of a tablet, but Microsoft is taking that to a whole new level with the Pro 3. Microsoft seems to have finally made a tablet that will make you want to replace your laptop.

When Apple introduced the iPad, they said that tablets were a middle device between a smartphone and a laptop; bridging the feature and mobility gap between the two. And when Microsoft released the original Surface Pro which ran desktop Windows 8 in a tablet form factor, they were definitely stating that they didn’t believe Apple was right (at least completely, because they still made Windows RT, so yeah…). The problem with Microsoft’s vision of the tablet was that they didn’t make a powerful enough tablet that actually could replace your laptop. But with the Surface Pro 3, that definitely has changed.

With a 12” screen, Core i3/i5/i7 processors, and a variety of memory and storage options, the Surface Pro 3 looks more like a laptop on the spec-sheet than something you’d usually find from a tablet. It’s something that you’re definitely going to see in the next few years, if not months, from others in the industry that are looking to compete with Microsoft.

The only problem being the price, which starts at $799 for Core i3/64GB model and rises all the way to $1949 for the Core i7/512GB model.

But Microsoft is indeed looking to replace your laptop. Believe me, they’re literally marketing against the Macbook Air, the champion of non-tablet portable computing for the past few years.

What Microsoft has done here is make a tablet that flies its flag in the face of everything that Apple has built over the past four years. There is no middle device anymore, there’s your smartphone and your tablet.

Maybe that makes room for something else… *cough* wearables *cough, cough*.

Sorry. I said wearables.





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