Introducing the KroKro YouTube Channel!

Well hello!

For weeks now, you’ve only heard the silent words come from your computer screens, but that’s all changing! Soon you will be able to look at my face while I move and things happen!

That’s right! KroKro is moving into the YouTube world! So you’ll be able to barely pay attention to me in a new format now!

I look forward to talking about technology and the future, along with some content that I’m not quite ready to talk about yet (I’M SORRY! JEEZ! IT’LL GET FIGURED OUT SOON ENOUGH!).

So, hopefully, this can become something. Or it won’t. Either way, this is something that I’m really looking forward to doing and I hope you can all come on this journey or whatever…

All the best,

Kevin Krotz


P.S. Also! I expect to launch by June 15th at the latest! There’ll be a post at launch day! 😀



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