Daily Blip: Why I’m Buying a Wii U

There’s clearly something to be said about how well Nintendo did at E3. They’ve saw what needed to be done and they did it (mostly) to make the Wii U a game console worth getting. What they’ve really done is make me want to buy one.

I’m buying a Wii U because Nintendo has shown, once again, that they can sell games with their first-party IP. Almost everything they showed at E3 was meant to bring people back.

Zelda on the Wii U is one of the biggest stand-outs. Sure, it’s a Zelda game, so it’s bound to bring a crowd, but the Zelda that Nintendo showed was something that could grab the “hardcore” gamers that Nintendo lost. This new Zelda is also one looking like a huge change to the franchise.

And that’s what makes me excited for the future of the Wii U. Nintendo is clearly willing to change their first-party titles. Zelda for the Wii U (or Zelda U) is looking like a title that could exist on any other platform and, based on the brief preview, could be the biggest change to the series in years.

If Nintendo can see that change can be good for a lot of their franchises, it could possibly bring back the people that they’ve lost to the likes of Microsoft and Sony.

Or history could repeat itself and Nintendo could just end up being the biggest supporter of its own console. Whatever. I’m buying a Wii U because the current lineup of games,plus the games that are coming next year, look great and I’m very interested to see where the Wii U goes.

Come back every day for more Daily Blips centering around a variety of topics! So long!


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