Wii U: The First-Semi Portable Console

I bought a Wii U the other day. After what Nintendo showed off at E3 2014, I just couldn’t help it any longer. Right now, there’s a small amount of really good games that can get me by until 2015 when all that sweet first-party shit is going to be released.

I was fully prepared to enjoy the off-tv play that the gamepad would allow. I’ve found myself playing most of my games on the gamepad and really enjoying it overall. What I didn’t realize, though, was how portable the Wii U really is.

Unlike the Wii, which required multiple wires and accessories to work properly, the Wii U only needs three things: 1)the console 2)the gamepad 3)the power cord. That’s it! The Wii U is basically as portable as a laptop, and about as heavy. The only thing that stops it from being a full-out portable console is the fact that it needs to be connected to a power outlet at all times.

Nintendo’s actual portable console, the 3DS, is good. There’s tons of content for it and the games are wonderful for a portable device. That is until you get a Wii U and realize that the for the minor annoyance of finding a plug, the Wii U is definitely more powerful.

My Wii U hasn’t replaced my 3DS. That would be insane! But I definitely don’t use my 3DS as much when I know I’m going somewhere where I can just plug in my semi-portable Wii U with its copy of Wind Waker HD.


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