It’s called Life, I guess…

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My life is at a turning point right now. I’m starting my final year in college, I have a consistently distracting career path that I’m following, and my personal life apparently takes precedence over other things. So, because of that. I’m taking a break until Monday. You can probably tell that I’ve had trouble posting daily (what else is new?), so I’m going to take this time to get my ducks in a row.

Next week, you can look forward to many things that I’m not going to tell you about, but you might see some things change as next week gets closer!


– Kevin Krotz


Playlist Week: Extra Mixtape Monday


Long time no see! Today’s extra mixtape is all about collaboration. Artists are always working together all the time and this mixtape celebrates that! Enjoy this mixtape that goes from Macklemore & Ryan Lewis to Zedd to Frank Ocean to Ke$ha!

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KroKro Playlist Week!

Welcome to Playlist Week! This week, I’ll be making lists for all the daily specials.

  • It starts Monday with an extra mixtape!
  • Tuesday will have a showcase of the shows that you should be watching!
  • Wednesday brings another We Watch Wednesday, this time with more videos!
  • We’ll talk about apps on Thursday.
  • Friday is a mystery!

The weekend will go back to the normal format of me either posting lots of reposts or trying to get my own writing done. Either way, there’s FIVE WHOLE DAYS of playlists! Get excited people!

And don’t forget to enjoy…

Mixtape Monday: Your playlist for the week


This week’s playlist is a random jumble of music! How great! What makes this playlist better than its predecessors is that it’s going to be the first of many that will have 14 songs (instead of the ~30 minutes of music)! So I hope you enjoy this mixtape!

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We Watch Wednesday

Changing things once again! Instead of being an egocentric man-child and only posting things about myself; I’m going to post videos that are genuinely interesting! So enjoy these several videos that I really enjoyed!

Dan Harmon On Embracing Your Laziness

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Why I’ll Be Spending My Life Re-Watching The Simpsons

Oh boy, it’s coming. FXX is having a marathon of EVERY. SIMPSONS. EVER. The marathon starts on August 22nd and will go until they reach the current episode, apparently. I cannot wait.

The Simpsons was always something that I was forbidden to watch when I was younger (not that it stopped me), but that did cause me to miss a large portion of the program except for the show’s later seasons.

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Music Monday: Playlist for the Week! 08/17/14

I’ve been in a good mood lately and this week’s playlist is going to reflect that! I’m giving you 30 minutes of upbeat/high tempo music to wet your whistle to. And I promise never to use that phrase again! YEAH!

  1. Trumpets – Jason Derulo
  2. Water Fountain – Tune Yards
  3. Anything Could Happen – Ellie Goulding
  4. Kidnap Me – Cruiser
  5. Make This Leap – The Hunts
  6. Applause – Lady Gaga
  7. Dream It Up – Sydney Wayser
  8. Take A Walk – Passion Pit
P.S. These songs make me happy, your mileage may vary.