A Note on Quantified Tracking

Recently (as you’ve seen on this blog), I went about going on a diet. Using several applications, I made the attempt to track what I eat, how much I exercise, and how much I sleep. I used Sleepbot to track my sleep, MyFitnessPal to track my eating habits along with some of my exercise, and a plethora of other apps to track my exercising.

Using these gaggle of apps, I hoped to get a clear picture of what I was doing wrong and then go from there.

Unfortunately, I have the memory of a goldfish and trying to remember setting all these settings & preferences makes for a flaw in my quantified self.

The flaw being memory. The best apps/trackers, in my opinion, are the ones that quietly track everything. Apps like Moves and health trackers like Fitbit/Jawbone UP are popular because they can track everything in silence and work well.

Maybe more apps need to be like this: set and forget.


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