TV Tuesday: My Favorite Sitcoms That Aren’t On TV Anymore

Television Tuesday is supposed to be a day where I celebrate what’s on TV by talking about what I’m watching, what I need to start watching, and what I miss from days of television past.

While many believe this to be the golden age of television (and it very well may be), that doesn’t mean that what’s come before hasn’t been amazing! This is my TOP 3 favorite shows that have either been cancelled or finished their run on television.


Number 3: Friends

I grew up on this fucking show. Friends was what I expected adulthood to be when I was younger. The show, for those that don’t know, was a sitcom centered around friends (OH MY GOD! Who would’ve thought!??!) living in NYC and dealing with their lives.

The show was critically praised and is talked about as one of the best sitcoms to come out of the 90s.

I loved this show. Seriously. When I was home sick from school, this was the show I watched. Even though it has irreparably skewed my view of adulthood, it still has a special place in my heart for the way the characters and scenarios stuck with me.


Number 2: Happy Endings

It lasted for only 3 seasons, but it was still one of the best sitcoms of the past few years. Just look up this show and watch a couple episodes. The chemistry of the cast and the speed at which jokes are flung at you make this sitcom a must-watch.


Number 1: 30 Rock

The darling gem of NBC’s thursday night comedy hour (I peacock peacock), 30 Rock was critically acclaimed and beloved by many. Tina Fey and company’s stories were hilarious and still warrant rewatches.

This show, to this day, inspires me to want to work in the television business. So maybe I’m getting the wrong message from it, but I still laugh at the fact that Elizabeth Lemon (played by the lovely Tina Fey) bought all the hot dogs purely to spite a line cutter.

And there we have it! My incredibly specific list of sitcoms that aren’t on TV anymore (except for syndication)…whatever!


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