Mixtape Monday: Your playlist for the week


This week’s playlist is a random jumble of music! How great! What makes this playlist better than its predecessors is that it’s going to be the first of many that will have 14 songs (instead of the ~30 minutes of music)! So I hope you enjoy this mixtape!

  1. It All Starts Here – Magic Man
  2. Onward & Upward – Vacationer
  3. Bone Digger – Bear Hands
  4. Take My Love and Run – Bad Suns
  5. Finger Back – Vampire Week
  6. 90s Music – Kimbra
  7. Secrets – Mary Lambert
  8. Ace of Cups – Orenda Fink
  9. I Want Out – Young Guns
  10. Rent I Pay – Spoon
  11. Violent Shiver – Benjamin Booker
  12. Summertime (feat. Brandon Skele) – Milkman
  13. High – Young Rising Sons
  14. Anaconda – Nicki Minaj

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