It’s Happening: The End of The Charade

Oh how time flies when you’re doing nothing?!

For the past few weeks, I’ve been sick/a lazy asshole who doesn’t even want to do anything. I’ve sat in my bed and browsed the internet, getting the bare minimum done as far as assignments and work goes. I did basically nothing.

Although I may have been just been binge watching YouTube and Netflix videos, I was thinking: What am I doing?

The answer may surprise you! Tune in at 11!

I realized that I’m just not excited about my work any more. I’ve been doing the same stuff and it’s been killing me. Never have I achieved this level of not-giving-a-fuck-ness about anything. I thought that maybe it was just me slipping into adulthood, because that’s what I see from adults; a sad, everlasting work environment that takes all your energy. But then, it happened!

I said fuck it. I refuse to fall into that miserable existence, especially at 21.

So, I’m starting new projects. Stuff that I want to do. Want a sneak peek? TOO BAD! IT’S IN MY HEAD! But you can have a handy list if you want to keep it around while I make it exist:

  • Daily Blogs: None of this daily dose of culture. It’s my feelings about anything. It’s gonna be great. What? Fuck you, I can do it!
  • Writing for technology sites: And bringing some of that here! I’ll reblog and the such, but I really want to go back to what this site was for.
  • Travel Posts: Where am I going? Nowhere but here, that’s where! Why do destinations have to be the expensive, well-known or the cheap, hidden places? They don’t! You’ll learn about the places I am. And let me tell you, I don’t live extravagantly.
  • YouTube things: If you haven’t been to the channel (why would you have gone?), you’ve missed more than just a whole bunch of nothing! There’s some stuff going up in the next few months that I’ve been working hard on… in my head, but whatever!
  • Writing that script for that thing I want to do: I want to write for a living. Journalism is something that I never really saw myself doing, but I learned to love it. Now, I want to actually write creatively, LIKE I SAID I WOULD RICHARD!
  • Writing a book: Just you wait.

I bought for a reason, I thought it would give me a reason to keep this site up. Until now, I haven’t been doing anything and I’ve got the domain for a year, so it’s happening!

To sum this up, read above.

In conclusion, I’m turning my life around and you get to watch…join me, won’t you?


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