Brockport Scholars Day 2014!

College at Brockport

Every year since 2005, the College at Brockport has put on Scholars Day, a day celebrating and showcasing the best that students have to offer. This year, I attended a session called Leadership in the Community: “Social Action Project.”

This session included several groups to present projects that they have done to help their local communities. These projects went from helping in an animal shelter to have a social kindness campaign. What these projects all share is that they are trying to make a better future for the community.

One of the most interesting projects was an autism awareness walk that was put on by the students, along with that, there is also a campus-wide cleanup planning for a later date.

This session showed that there are students that want to see their community continue to flourish and “spread the wealth” along to others.

Although I only attended this one session, there were countless others with wildly varying topics. Check out the twitter for links and other people talking about the amazing sessions for Scholars Day 2014 using #scholarsday2014!


My day off! [Student Assignment]

I talk a lot about technology on this blog, but I don’t really get into what I do with my life. So I made an audio slideshow for my class that includes what I did on my recent day off. Not included: anything really important.

Enjoy it because I’ll never do it again.