Love This Show: The Strain

I love The Strain.

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Let’s Try This Again: KroKro Playlist Week!

September seems like the perfect time to start playlist week! That’s why I waited a week…not because I got overburdened by things! So yeah!

Welcome again to Playlist Week! This week, lists will take over the site!

  • Starting today, Monday, there will be a music playlist everyday (!). The regular weekly playlist will still be there, but there will be artist playlists every day where I’ll highlight an artist that I really like!
  • Tuesday will bring television content of some kind. All right, I’m still working this one out overall, but it’s gonna be good eventually… right?
  • Wednesday means we’ll be watching something! Online content abundant! PLUS! A SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT!
  • Thursday is a tech-lover’s dream! With technology and science content coming out of my butt!
  • Friday is all about me. SO GET READY!
  • Saturday and Sunday have their usual content still, but with dashes of wonderful playlist splendor!

This week is going to be awesome! You can come to KroKro for new content every day, or follow me on Twitter (@toteskrotzkrotz) for all the online stuff you’d expect from a single person!