Sunday Weight Loss Update!

The summary of my week goes something like this:

– Went on vacation.

– Ate out for almost every meal.

– Tried to eat healthy salads, but eventually succumbed to the allure of burgers and fries.

– Got a stomach bug and spent a large majority of the past two days on the toilet.

– Moved into my new place, away from my family, and am finally in control of what I eat.

So, that’s basically my weight loss week in review.


P.S. I’m only going to weight myself every few weeks, possibly every month. It’s just nicer to not always have that number floating around my head.


Weight Loss Update: Day Something Week 2!

Monday 08.11.14: 288.9 lbs

Losing weight is hard. Of course it is, though.

I’ve been having trouble with not only watching what I eat, but keeping track of everything. I need to try to make this a routine. Schedule¬†fucking everything.




8:45AM: JOG!

You get the point and while this may be a little exaggerated, I really think that planning things is the right way to go until I can get these good habits and lifestyles to become natural routine.


P.S. I’ve apparently lost track of the days. So yeah! This is the start of week 2? Maybe… help. I don’t know. We’ll just say it’s Day 8!

A Note on Quantified Tracking

Recently (as you’ve seen on this blog), I went about going on a diet. Using several applications, I made the attempt to track what I eat, how much I exercise, and how much I sleep. I used Sleepbot to track my sleep, MyFitnessPal to track my eating habits along with some of my exercise, and a plethora of other apps to track my exercising.

Using these gaggle of apps, I hoped to get a clear picture of what I was doing wrong and then go from there.

Unfortunately, I have the memory of a goldfish and trying to remember setting all these settings & preferences makes for a flaw in my quantified self.

The flaw being memory. The best apps/trackers, in my opinion, are the ones that quietly track everything. Apps like Moves and health trackers like Fitbit/Jawbone UP are popular because they can track everything in silence and work well.

Maybe more apps need to be like this: set and forget.