We Watch Wednesday

We made it to Wednesday! Here’s some videos to get you through the rest of the week! Enjoy…

Design Club – The Blue Shell – Why Mario Kart’s Most Hated Item Makes It Better

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KroKro Playlist Week!

Welcome to Playlist Week! This week, I’ll be making lists for all the daily specials.

  • It starts Monday with an extra mixtape!
  • Tuesday will have a showcase of the shows that you should be watching!
  • Wednesday brings another We Watch Wednesday, this time with more videos!
  • We’ll talk about apps on Thursday.
  • Friday is a mystery!

The weekend will go back to the normal format of me either posting lots of reposts or trying to get my own writing done. Either way, there’s FIVE WHOLE DAYS of playlists! Get excited people!

And don’t forget to enjoy…

We Watch Wednesday

Changing things once again! Instead of being an egocentric man-child and only posting things about myself; I’m going to post videos that are genuinely interesting! So enjoy these several videos that I really enjoyed!

Dan Harmon On Embracing Your Laziness

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NEW VIDEO ALERT!! Shatter Hand – PART 1 – Playing Games Badly

Watch my newest video! 😀

This game…is…awesome.
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